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April Lavely-Robinson is an award winning Children’s Book illustrator, writer and fine artist. 

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April Lavely-Robinson 

Colorado Springs native, April Lavely Robinson was born into art, as a third generation artist she immersed herself in drawing and painting from a very young age and throughout high school. After graduating from Tesla EOP in 2003 she joined a synth punk band called, Lambasted, which inspired her love for performance art. In 2008, she met a group of lewd and obscene women who showed her the art of burlesque and vaudeville. For 14 years she performed as “Boopsie” on stages across the country. After the birth of her second child her swarovski lined costumes lost their luster and she decided to hang up her pasties and go back to her first love, art.


In 2020, April was approached by a local author named Ahriana Platten in regards to illustrating a children’s book called, The Changing Story, which went on to become a bestseller on Amazon and won Silver at the COVR Awards. After the success of The Changing Story, April decided to quit her job as a hairstylist and pursue her love of art and illustration. At the ripe ‘ol age of 37 she went back to school for Illustration where she graduated with honors.


Today, April and her husband of 21 years live in Old Colorado City with their two children. They still listen to garage punk music and have shitty middle school humor. April’s fine art is inspired by her fascination with Golden-Age illustration and curiosity for dark corners. 


Currently, April Lavely Robinson's artwork is on display at Ephemera fine dining restaurant in downtown Colorado Springs. Her a solo exhibition at Auric Gallery will be held in October of 2024. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting illustration opportunities. The best way to connect is via email.

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